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WTISD 2016: Technopreneurship’s Role in Mauritius’ development agenda emphasised

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WTISD 2016: Technopreneurship’s Role in Mauritius’ development agenda emphasised

Technopreneurship is in line with Government’s vision which is to embed the use of technology in the day-to-day life of every Mauritian. It is expected that entrepreneurship will constitute one of the determining factors for Mauritius to achieve its second economic miracle’, said the Vice-President of the Republic, Mr Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, yesterday at the Paul Octave Wiéhé Auditorium, Réduit.
The Vice-President was Chief Guest at the opening of a workshop on ICT Entrepreneurship for Social Impact which is also the theme of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2016.

In his address, the Vice-President stressed that ICT entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises have a particularly important and relevant role in ensuring economic growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner. ‘They are involved in the development of innovative ICT enabled solutions with the unique potential to make a long-lasting impact in the national, regional and global economies and act as an important source of creating new jobs especially for the youth in the current knowledge economy’, he stated.

Moreover, Vice-President Pillay Vyapoory called upon the youth to think big and global despite the fact that they may start slow at the national level. Any good idea if successful in Mauritius can be exported in the region and why not to the world, and with this mind-set, we can put Mauritius into the league of High Income Economies, he said. We strongly believe in our youth and have no doubt that their ideas and dynamism will foster the creation of successful enterprises and contribute to making Mauritius the beacon of the African region in ICT, added the Vice-President.

For his part, the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Etienne Sinatambou, shared the commendable ranking of Mauritius in global ICT indices (ICT Development Index; ICT Price Basket; and Global Cybersecurity Index), which he said was necessary so as to help consolidate where the country is doing well but also to take care of where we are not doing well. This, the Minister stated, is the extent to which Mauritius has to take up the challenge of training our youth to actually tackle the skills mismatch that exists in the ICT sector.

The workshop

Organised by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation in collaboration with the Mauritius Research Council and the National Computer Board, the two-day event, which kicked off on Tuesday 17 May 2016 on the theme ‘Internet of Things – Prospects and Challenges for Mauritius’, targeted key stakeholders involved in ICT driven entrepreneurship in Mauritius. Final year undergraduate and postgraduate students from local public and private Tertiary Education Institutions were also in attendance.

The objectives were to: highlight the importance of Small, young and Innovative firms in the ICT sector; promote Innovative Technopreneurs as drivers of innovative and practical solutions; and, unlock the value of ICT Entrepreneurship.


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