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Turquoise Smart Residence in Mare d’Albert

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Turquoise Smart Residence in Mare d’Albert

Turquoise Smart Residence in Mare d’Albert, the latest National Housing Development Company (NHDC) housing estate designed and developed in an integrated manner, was inaugurated on Friday 3 July 2015 by the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Showkutally Soodhun, in the presence of eminent personalities and the new owners.

In his address at the inauguration ceremony, the Vice-Prime Minister stated that Turquoise Smart Residence should become an exemplary housing estate to be followed, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also as regards a healthy and safe community. He insisted that living in peace and harmony, keeping good relations and respecting certain basic rules are essential in creating and maintaining good neighbourhood. “A neighbourhood committee will be established”, said Mr Soodhun, “to ensure that residents in their day-to-day activities act in a harmonious and compliant manner and without detriment to their fellow neighbours.”

The Vice-Prime Minister also stressed the necessity for owners to act responsibly and practice self-discipline, by adhering to the parameters and standards listed in the housing contracts and abiding by the rules namely, loan repayment conditions, prohibition of selling the dwellings/lots, respect of the local environment and of provided infrastructure and amenities.

According to Mr Soodhun, the infrastructure and social and recreational facilities will be managed by the respective local authorities and ministries while the private sector social initiatives in the housing estate will be upheld through the sponsorship (parrainage) concept. He added that Non-Governmental Organisations will also accompany the new residents and organise activities such as encouraging children to set up a vegetable garden.

The Turquoise Smart Residence comprises some 55 housing units of 39m2, connected to water and electricity supplies, with individual yards and equipped with water tanks, composting equipment and individual sewerage disposal systems; six metres road within the estate with footpath and associated drainage network; a children’s playground; a petanque court as well as serviced lots for the construction of a multipurpose hall; a Day Care Centre; and commercial outlets.

It is recalled that while each housing unit costs Rs 1.2 m, the beneficiaries are required to effect loan payments of only Rs 400,000 over 20 years. This represents more than 60% of the cost i.e. Rs 800,000 borne by Government.


Source: ‘link of article from GIS’.

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