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Southbound carriageway at Ripailles along Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road to be operational by November 2016

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Southbound carriageway at Ripailles along Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road to be operational by November 2016

“The southbound carriageway between Valton Roundabout and Ripailles Roundabout is expected to be fully open to traffic by November 2016 as the treatment works of the landslide area on the right hand-side from Ripailles towards Valton along the Terre-Rouge Verdun Link Road are nearing completion.”

The announcement was made by the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, following a site visit yesterday at segments D5 and D6 where important landslides were identified during the execution of the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road.

Several landslides occurred during the period 2010 to 2013 in four specific zones of cuts, namely D4, D5, D6 and D7, causing delay in the completion of the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road project over a length of about 2.7 km along the southbound carriageway towards Ripailles. To remedy the situation and given the complexity of the terrain and the high water table, geotechnical and geophysical investigations, hydrological tests as well as borehole drilling and laboratory tests were carried out with a view to come up with adequate landslide treatments.

With regard to zone D5, the Minister told the press that the re-profiling of the slopes has already been executed while road works and the installation of rock nets to prevent loose rocks falling onto the carriageway are underway and are expected to be completed in six weeks. Re-profiling works are underway in zone D6 where cracks which occurred after heavy rainfalls propagated over a circumference of 80 metres, said Mr Bodha.

According to the Minister, the cost of treatment of landslides and remaining roadworks along southbound carriageway at Ripailles amounts to some Rs 800 m, with an additional Rs 27 m for the installation of rock nets by experienced technical experts from Reunion Island. “There has been no cost overrun regarding the value of the contract for the landslide treatment works which are of high quality and adhere to international standard specifications,” he added.

The Minister also gave an overview of the situation on the embankment failure situated lower at Valton. Comprehensive geotechnical investigations and tests were carried out to determine the exact nature of the failure and to come up with appropriate reconstruction design for permanent remedial works.

The removal and replacement procedure, where landslide-prone soil and rock are removed and replaced with stronger materials, is being preferred by the Road Development Authority to treat the area, and is estimated to cost some Rs 300 m. “The tender for these remedial works will be launched in November 2016, and the works are due to start in January 2017 and be completed within nine months,” the Minister said.


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