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Un premier film indien a été tourné entièrement sur le sol mauricien en mars et avril derniers et intitulé SAANSEIN (souffle). Le lancement officiel pour sa projection sur le grand écran a été fait le vendredi 16 décembre 2016 au Ciné Star, Caudun, par le ministre de l’Agro-industrie et de la Sécurité alimentaire, Mahen Seeruttun en présence d’un parterre d’invité très sélects. Ce film a couté Rs 50 millions.

Un deuxième film intitulé Tera Intezaar avec dans les rôles principaux Arbaaz Khan et Sunny Leone avec un investissement de Rs 86 Million a été également complété à 100% à Maurice. Neuf autres films seront en tournage ici en 2017 par le producteur indien Sandeep Narayan Singh.

Ci-dessous le discours prononcé par le ministre Seeruttun a cette occasion en tant que Chief Guest.
“Good Evening/Namaskaar

  • I am pleased to be with you to witness an important event in the history of the making of an Indian film in Mauritius.
  • Let me begin by thanking the entire team of Chahak Production Company Ltd for the fantastic work they have done.
  • It’s the first time – a grande première indeed – that an Indian movie is completed 100 per cent in our country.
  • This movie entitled SAANSEIN, I’m sure, will be much talked about in our country and in India in the weeks ahead. I am informed that you have injected Rs 50 Million in the production of this film.
  • I am also told that you have completed a second film – Tera Intezaar – with Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone. And with an investment of Rs 86 Million.
  • I am also informed that 9 film projects are in the pipeline for next year.
  • What this team is doing with the tournage, will for sure help the movie industry to expand in Mauritius.
  • That’s why our Government is encouraging foreign film-makers to shoot 100 per cent in Mauritius under the Film Rebate Scheme.
  • And this Film Rebate Scheme introduced in our last national Budget by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Pravind Jugnauth goes up to a maximum of 40 per cent.
  • In many parts of the world film-making industry is growing from strength to strength and on this unstoppable track there are exciting job opportunities for young people and artists in general. Mauritius cannot take a back seat.
  • We again thank Chahak Production Company Ltd for shooting 100 per cent in Mauritius and for the exposure of not only the beautiful places of our island worldwide but for the promotion of our culture and the economic development of our country.
  • I should also recall that the Board of Investment – BOI – along with the Mauritius Films Development Corporation – MFDC – is doing a marvelous job in terms of promotion and the smooth running of shooting in Mauritius.
  • Our Government, Ladies and Gentlemen, wants to create a film industry in a conducive environment and with the support of professional in this field I’m confident that we will be able to reach our goal.
  • Following the tremendous work of the BOI and the MFDC, we will very soon have local films in our theatre in order to promote our local talents and to give them a platform to affirm themselves.
  • After Hollywood and Bollywood, we can with time have Mollywood. Why Not!!!!!
  • In a few minutes, we are going to take our breath to watch SAANSEIN.
    My wish is that this 100 per cent shooting in Mauritius will further inspire other film directors of this industry to come and settle in this very important enterprise.
  • Before concluding, I congratulate once more the whole team led by Mr Sandeep Narayan Singh for their contribution in bringing little India into Maha Bharat.

Dhanyavaad and do have a great time with SAANSEIN.”


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