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Security: Whole concept of CCTV surveillance system to be reviewed by Police


Security: Whole concept of CCTV surveillance system to be reviewed by Police

Closed Circuit Television surveillance system (CCTV) is an effective deterrent against crime. However with the rapid evolution of technology in that field, and new modus operandi being adopted by offenders, Police has decided to review the whole concept of CCTV surveillance system. A new project will thereafter be implemented in a phased manner throughout the whole island.

This reply was given by the Prime minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth in the National Assembly 0n 14 June 2016 to a parliamentary question relating to the monitoring of the CCTV.

The Prime minister highlighted that with a view to improving the quality of CCTV footages for a more efficient monitoring, several measures have been taken by the Police. They include: the replacement of 159 Standard Definition cameras by Full Definition one (33 in Flic en Flac, 20 in Quatre Bornes, 85 in Port Louis and 42 in Grand Bay); the installation of 50 infra-red illuminations to 31 cameras in Grand Bay and 19 in Port Louis; the replacement of copper wire cables by fibre optics cables in all the regions covered by the CCTV surveillance system; and ensuring, in collaboration with local authorities, the regular cutting and trimming of trees and branches which may obstruct the clear vision of the cameras.

Sir Anerood Jugnauth further informed the National Assembly that since 2009, 461 CCTV cameras have been installed for the purpose of street surveillance in the regions of Flic en Flac, Port Louis, Grand Bay and part of Quatre Bornes. According to the Commissioner of Police, he said, all the cameras are operational on a 24/7 basis. Since the installation of CCTV cameras in those regions, a total of 297 offences have been detected through the CCTV Surveillance System, added the Prime Minister.

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