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Former Minister of Agriculture (2000-2003), Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance (2003-2005), Vice Prime Minister & Minister of Finance and Economic Development (2010)
Pravind officially joined the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM) in 1990. Despite Sir Anerood, his father, being the Leader of the party and the Prime Minister of the country, Pravind started at the lowest echelons as an activist of the party.
In his respective roles as Minister of Agriculture and as Minister of Finance, Pravind had the courage to implement bold & visionary measures such as the reform of the Sugar Sector, the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), launch of the Small Planters Welfare Fund, massive removal of taxes in the context of the Duty Free Island vision, removal of the National Residence Property Tax (NRPT), etc. More of his measures in the ‘Achievements’ section below.
In 2003, Pravind took over the Leadership of the MSM. He is seen as a man of his word and has also been rejuvenating the team to bring in young professionals from different domains to help inspire the youngsters and prepare the leaders of tomorrow.
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