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Our Structure

MSM is a structured, democratic, socialist party. Our motto is ‘Unir pour Bâtir’ and we welcome all people who wish to give a hand in building our Great Nation of Mauritius. You can contribute at a number of levels and in different ways. Our Structures are described below to help you better understand how and where you can start contributing.

Bureau Politique (BP)

The Bureau Politique is the apex body steering key Political & Policy decisions of the party. It is composed of the Leader, President, Secretary General, all elected party members of the National Assembly and ‘Responsables Circonscriptions’

Comite Centrale (CC)

The Comite Centrale is composed of the appointed key representatives of each of the 20 constituencies. The CC meeting is held once a month in presence of the BP members on the 10th floor at the Sun Trust Building


Each constituency has a Regionale composed of active MSM members of the constituency helping to consolidate the party, its policies and development of the respective constituency. New members wishing to join the party automatically join the Regionale of the constituency in which they are based. Constituencies with large geographical spreads may have more than one Regionale.


Each constituency is divided in regions relating to their polling centres and each polling centre has a number of branches. The branches represent our grassroots supporters who are the engine of the party.

Women’s Wing

The MSM Women’s Wing actively campaigns for the achievement of women’s rights and equality in our society. Women members are entitled to join at the branch, regional or national level.

The National Women’s Wing Coordinating Committee (NWWCC) organizes seminars and public meetings on political, social and economic issues affecting women. It also liaises with other women’s organizations.

Youth Wing

The MSM Youth Wing is open to all members aged 16-35 inclusive. The Youth Wing represents the voice of the young supporters of MSM.

A new initiative of the MSM Youth Wing is the launch of Young Orange- YO! which aims at empowering the Youth of Mauritius with the help of volunteer Professionals and irrespective of their Community, Political Affiliation, Status, Level of Education and Sex.

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