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Mauritius and South Africa to sign Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement

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Mauritius and South Africa to sign Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement

An Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation, aiming to promote information and knowledge sharing relating to research, technological development and innovation, will be signed between Mauritius and South Africa.
The main objectives are to ensure:

The development of joint scientific and technological solutions in support of the countries’ developmental agendas; and Scientific and technological research involving the countries’ industrial communities.

The signing of the agreement is in line with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research’s mandate in encouraging a culture of research and innovation, especially through relevant research that aligns itself to the local and regional needs. It also falls within the context of the authorities’ commitment in promoting scientific and technological literacy amongst learners because science, technology and innovation have today become central to any planning for inclusive and people-centred development.

It is recalled that science and technology have become the powerful tool par excellence to achieve innovation and to address global and pressing 21st century issues such as climate change, energy challenges, and global access to food and clean drinking water.

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