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Gemba Kaizen – Productivity Improvement for Government Officials

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Gemba Kaizen – Productivity Improvement for Government Officials

A presentation on ‘Gemba Kaizen: Productivity Improvement’, aiming to reinforce the concepts and activities linked with Muda (non-value added activities) elimination, was held yesterday afternoon at SICOM Building 2, in Port Louis.

Organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, the session brought together around thirty Government Officials to better grasp the meaning of the processes related to Gemba (real place/office floor) Kaizen which is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement designed to enhance processes and reduce waste.

The resource person, Mr Jayanth Murthy, Lead Gemba Kaizen Trainer, shared his views and gave an in-depth overview on the topic. Mr Murthy is the Founding Partner and Director Kaizen Institute – Africa, India and M. East (Kaizen, Operational Excellence, LEAN).

According to Mr Murthy, it is important to note that Kaizen is not a project, it is not about starting a reform in one department or another, but is about a culture where you imbibe a philosophy, a process of continual improvement by looking at bad habits and eliminating them.

The Gemba Kaizen Trainer observed that as human beings we all have habits good and bad, and the same way organisations and Governments also have good and bad habits. Kaizen is a journey that takes you from your current habits to better habits, he pointed out.

Kaizen, stressed Mr Murthy, leads to lean (opposite of fat) Governments, organisational excellence and operational excellence. ‘It is about zero investment improvement; cutting waste and not cost; improving by utilising what is available, not by adding’, he added.

Kaizen focuses on the 4 P Model:

  • People involvement
  • Physical workplace improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Policy review.

The stated impact of Kaizen implementation is as follows: improved public service; improved workflow and service to internal customers; release of space converted for other purposes, saving of costly national resources; and an energised public servant.

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