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Budget 2016–2017 Highlights: Targets major public sector reform programme

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Budget 2016–2017 Highlights: Targets major public sector reform programme

Budget 2016-2017 aims to bring about a major public sector reform programme for the success of the new era of development which hinges on effective and expeditious implementation of numerous reforms, new policies, vital national projects and modern ways of doing things.

Fundamental reforms of public sector will start with institutions on which Government, the population and businesses depend the most for services. Supporting institutions in the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, namely, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, Enterprise Mauritius and National Women Entrepreneur Council will be merged for greater coherence, more efficiency and effectiveness.

A unique organisation will lead the State Property Development Co Ltd, Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd, State Land Development Co Ltd, the Belle Mare Tourist Village Ltd, Le Val Development Ltd and Les Pailles Conference Centre Ltd. The role and functions of the National Computer Board will be reviewed and adapted to the evolving needs of the IT sector.

The Central Informatics Bureau, the Central Information Systems Division and the IT Security Unit will be merged into a single unit. On the other hand regulatory bodies such as the Information Communication Technology Authority and the Independent Broadcasting Authority will be merged to adapt to the convergence of technology.

As a single revenue collection agency and for better enforcement, the Registrar General Department will be incorporated into the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). In this context, the MRA will act as a collecting agent for contributions to the National Pension Fund, the National Savings Fund, the Human Resource Development Council training levy and the Workfare Programme Fund.

The State Investment Corporation Group is being restructured and will focus on disposing its matured investments and channel the proceeds in new projects, in particular in export industries, for job creation and development. The Development Bank of Mauritius will be reorganised where focus will be on creating and running SME parks and managing government financing schemes for micro enterprises and small establishments.

With regard to public infrastructure, a restructuration exercise is in the pipeline for the National Transport Authority, the Road Development Authority and the Traffic Management Road Safety Unit. To speed up the implementation of capital projects, the Technical Division of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure will be restructured to focus on implementation of large and complex projects. As a result, line Ministries will henceforth be able to procure directly the services of consultants and contractors to undertake projects up to Rs 25 million.

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