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Budget 2016–2017 Highlights: Setting the Stage for a creative arts industry

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Budget 2016–2017 Highlights: Setting the Stage for a creative arts industry

The budget 2016-2017 aims to give a new thrust to the creative arts industry and develop new sectors of activity in the fields of arts, culture and entertainment.

In a bid to harness the potential in the film-making industry which is showing good potential for growth and for creating exciting new opportunities for young people and artists generally, the refund on qualifying production expenditure under the Film Rebate Scheme is being increased up to a maximum of 40 percent. Moreover, the production of films for export will be zero-rated for VAT purposes.

A sum of Rs 10 million has also been allocated to the Mauritius Film Development Corporation for the purchase of equipment to be leased to film-makers along with an exemption of Custom duty on the importation of lighting equipment for use in film-making.

As part of the development of the Omnicane smart city project, a first Film city will be set up in the South of the island including a Film Training facility.

To give a new light to Arts, Culture and Leisure and revamp the sector, the following series of measures have been enunciated:

  • Introduction of a new legislation–The Status of Artist Bill in the National Assembly;
  • Rs 50 million for rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage sites and structures listed under the National Heritage Fund Act;
  • Study for setting up of a Slavery Museum at the ex-Labourdonnais Military Hospital in Port Louis;
  • Creation of a Mauritius National Troupe and launch of a Bachelor Degree course in Music at the University of Mauritius;
  • Provision of an additional amount to the Rights Management Society to meet its contribution to WIPO and other international intellectual property protection agencies;
  • The new Lotto Fund will also provide for financing of projects submitted by artists within a number of new schemes to be worked out; and
  • Provision for an additional funding for the celebration marking the 25th anniversary of the Republic next year.

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