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Budget 2016-2017 Highlights: A comprehensive National Road Safety Strategy


Budget 2016-2017 Highlights: A comprehensive National Road Safety Strategy

A comprehensive National Road Safety Strategy has been presented in the 2016-2017 Budget.

The strategy includes the setting up of a Central Traffic Watch and Management System to better guide, coordinate and manage traffic flows especially in congested areas. It also comprises tougher penalties for road offenders; more stringent procedures for issuing driving licences, and tighter conditions regarding the issue of motor cycle riding licence. Each police vehicle will be equipped with an alcometer. The law will also be amended to provide for the introduction of ‘Moto Ecoles.’

Moreover, modern methods of testing the road worthiness of vehicles will be introduced to minimise testing time. Regarding the fees for a fitness test that were to be raised by 50 % that is from Rs 400 to Rs 600, Mr Jugnauth announced that the projected increase has been frozen until finalisation of the restructuring process.

In addition, the 2016-2017 Budget provides Rs 100 million for the construction of pavements across the island; Rs 80 million for rehabilitation works for hard shoulder; Rs 56 million for the setting up of handrails; Rs 50 million to restore all road markings and signage; and Rs 30 million for repairing lighting along motorways.

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