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Des pays faisant partie du COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) se sont réunis à Maurice le 11 avril 2017 pour se pencher sur l’avenir du secteur de l’élevage. A l’instar de ces pays africains, Maurice se doit de réaliser son plein potentiel dans le secteur du cheptel. Il nous faut reconnaître le rôle important de la production du cheptel dans la lutte contre la pauvreté. Ce secteur permet à nombre de personnes à gagner leur vie correctement.

Mahen Seeruttun, ministre de l’Agro-industrie et de la Sécurité alimentaire, présent au lancement, a soutenu que le gouvernement mauricien offre tout son support au secteur de l’élevage. Et de rappeler que Maurice a bénéficié du financement du programme Vet-Gov pour les premiers soins aux animaux.

Ci-dessous le discours du ministre dans son intégralité.

« It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our paradise island of Mauritius. We are indeed pleased that the AU-IBAR and the COMESA have chosen Mauritius to hold this very important forum for the establishment of a Regional Livestock Policy Hub. The Livestock Policy Hub concept has stemmed from the continental programme “Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa” (VET-GOV).

As a multidisciplinary group, bringing together public and private stakeholders, the Livestock Policy Hub is a platform for ensuring broad stakeholder participation in the policy development process. I am happy to note that most African countries have adopted this inclusive method for policy development.

In Mauritius also, the Livestock Policy Hub has contributed by identifying the priority gaps, the quintessential areas of intervention, which need to be addressed for the livestock sector to develop.

Many of the recommendations of the Livestock Policy Hub, you will be glad to learn, have been included in the Strategic Plan of my Ministry and they are being implemented.

Mauritius has also benefited from financing under the VET-GOV programme for a pilot project, called “Evaluation of Basic Veterinary Care” which tackles a major area of intervention, recommended by the Livestock Policy Hub: the reform of the veterinary services. You will be happy to note that the pilot project was successfully completed and it provided clear directions for the reform of the veterinary services.

My Ministry is currently studying the reports produced under the pilot project and will shortly come up with an implementation plan. Like most African countries, Mauritius too, has yet to achieve its full potential in the livestock sector.

We do recognize, however, the important role of livestock production in poverty alleviation and providing meaningful livelihoods to a large number of our citizens.

I am committed to ensuring the sustainability of livestock production in Mauritius. A host of activities and projects at the level of Ministry are planned to ensure that the sector survives and thrives.

We assure you that My Ministry will provide all the required support to the Livestock Policy Hub to enable it to fulfill its role in the drafting of livestock policies that are meaningful for our farmers and for the country.

With these few words, I declare open the COMESA Livestock Forum and wish you fruitful deliberations during the workshop of today and tomorrow”.

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